23 January 2017

Alert: The terrorist coalition in Azawad commits a suicide bombing in the town of Kidal

The terrorist coalition composed of Ansar Dine, MOJWA, AQIM, Ansar Al-Sharia and newcomer MAA (Movement of Arabs of Azawad) continues to plunge Azawad in trouble with the complicity of dark forces in some countries.

Few minutes ago, our representatives in Kidal signaled us that a terrorist just exploded himself in the town of Kidal at a checkpoint held by the MNLA.
Toumast Press' reporters in the town could not provide us with a death toll but it seems that at least several fighters are injured.
The suicide bomber has detonated his car full of explosive at the MNLA's checkpoint charged to control the traffic to and from the town of Ménaka.
In our future editions, we will cover in details this third suicide bombing that targeted the MNLA after the one in Kidal last week and the ones in Ine-Khalil five days ago claimed by MAA and MOJWA.


Toumast Press